Monday, November 29, 2010

When Life gets in the way of Art

November has been a challenging month. Confrontations at my day job and elsewhere have made it difficult to focus my time in front of the easel. Even when I do find time to paint I find my mind is wandering from color mixing and painting details to bothersome things unrelated to my life as an artist. With November nearing its sweet end I feel a bit re-energized to paint more. Having spent part of the Thanksgiving break in Pittsburgh, I feel somewhat inspired by the great art of that incredible city. The picture shown reflects our visit to the Andy Warhol museum. Like the person the building represents, the museum is way ahead of its time. Several hours spent in the Museum and many more hours spent in the car driving home gave me alot of time to reflect. It made me feel better and rejuvenated that we bought some Andy Warhol note cards at the gift shop with a quote by Warhol on the back of the box:

You need to let the little things that would ordinarily bore you suddenly thrill you.