Saturday, May 1, 2010

20th Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibition

Last week I attended the opening of the 20th Annual Mid-Atlantic Art Exhibition at the d'Art Center in Norfolk, VA. I was fortunate in that my Flanners Beach (bottom image) painting was selected for the show. A very competitive show with only about 30 artists selected. One of the more unique shows I've attended - The juror Laura Roulet selected quite a few photographs and digital works, something I have not seen in most of the shows I've attended. Along with mine I only saw two or three "tradtional" paintings. The work shown by Chris Luckman Kayakers on the Path (middle image) is one of those paintings. The other work shown is that of Kathy Guzman Archival Man (top image). I really liked this work, particularly because it only 8x8" - Alot going in a small area. It is easy to see alot of time and detail went into this work. Overall a great show that I was proud to be a part of!

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