Thursday, December 2, 2010

Rocky Mountain National Park #2

When I snapped the picture that was the subject of this painting I knew it was love at first sight. Most of my paintings evolve away from the picture and I begin to take alot of liberties with color and light and other style elements. This however was really a perfect composition. Even my first glance of the river while driving in Rocky Mountain National Park, I knew this scene at that moment would eventually be captured on canvas.

My trip to Colorado took place in the Summer, but this had alot of Fall colors which are great! The red tree really gives a nice accent. It may be difficult to see through the picture, but the rocks in the in raging river are created with thick layers of impasto and dried paint and glazing medium. A real 3 dimensional effect on the canvas.

I painted this during a period in my life when I had alot of external distractions. This coupled with the elaborate detail made the process take nearly two months. In the end I feel this might be my strongest work to date.

Rocky Mountain National Park #2 - 30x40" Acrylic on Canvas


  1. Micah, This work looks to me like an outstanding painting. Look forward to seeing it in person. Great you feel it... "might be strongest work to date." Your paintings get better and better. Tom T

  2. hi micah, this work is so wonderful!

    I also did a colorado piece 2 weeks ago, I think I'll use it for my next show postcard. take a look!



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