Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mailbox Mosaics

The tornadoes that swept through Eastern North Carolina last weekend did a number on my mailbox. I spent Easter weekend building a new mailbox and creating a small mosaic garden at the base of the mailbox. Chips of broken plates and other odd ceramic pieces were embedded into two concrete pads. These pads were then surrounded by mulch and some small plants. The tiles need to be polished and the excess concrete and mud needs to be wiped off, but otherwise this project is complete.

This project is a stark reminder that I am not a young man anymore. Short handled shovels, pick axes, and mixing concrete took a physical toll on me over the last two days. I am anxious to once again get in front of the easel in an air conditioned space where the heaviest thing I will be lifting is a paintbrush.

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  1. Nice project, Micah. Like the way you used... "Chips of broken plates and other odd ceramic pieces..." in the work. Don't worry about the... "physical toll on me over the last two days." You'll recover. Just be careful not to put too much paint on a single brush ! Tom T


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