Monday, August 8, 2011

Cedar Island #2

I've received alot of positive response from the the initial painting I did of Cedar Island. This painting is inspired from that same view, but encompasses more of the land and a second waterway.

I am sure the first the thing that one notices is the depictions of the clouds. A few people have seen this painting, and people tend to love or hate this idea. My intent was to make the clouds flowing, but to confine them within a few centralized cloud masses. I felt the smaller shapes captured within larger shapes added a further element of interest.

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  1. It is always exciting to see a new Micah Mullen painting. This one appears to me to be another really fine work of art. With regard to clouds: a number of years ago my wife was making a weaving that included clouds. I commented that I had never seen any clouds that looked like the clouds in her weaving. Several weeks later we were driving to the beach when I looked up and there were the clouds in her weaving. So, I expect I'll soon see, in the sky, some of your clouds, Micah. Your clouds are what make you an interesting painter, along with a lot of everything else. Thanks for sharing this work. Tom T


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