Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Falls Lake - Limited Palette Study

I painted a picture a few years ago using just yellows, blacks and whites. I never really thought much of it, but it kept hanging around my studio. Too nice to throw out, but not really worthy of posting to my website or sending off to any shows. The painting shown is a new painting, but is based on the older work. The original photograph has long since disappeared, so this is a rare event where I worked from another painting rather than from a photo or en plein aire. I had alot of fun with this, it did not take me nearly as long as most of my work and being there was no photograph I did not concern myself compositional accuracy. Unlike the earlier work there are some dark blues present in the water. I think for my next study, I might try darks over lights.

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  1. Nice painting, Micah. I like the abstract nature of the piece. Quite interesting and lovely, really. Being "accurate" is sometimes rather tedious? Anyway, I'll be interested to see if any more like this comes off your easel. Tom T


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