Monday, June 28, 2010

Rocky Mountain Extreme

I was fortunate enough to recently spend a few days in Northern Colorado. I spent some time with my friend Carl Judson and his family. Carl owns the company Guerrilla Painter which sells plein aire painting accessories. Jerry's Artarama happens to be one of their biggest customers, so my job offered me the opportunity to learn more about Guerrilla Painter through my own personal observations. One of my goals of this trip was to try one of the Guerrilla Boxes out and do some plein aire painting in the Rocky Mountains.

I spent Thursday and Friday enjoying the hospitality and AMAZING cooking of the Judson family. I stayed in the guest apartment of the Judson ranch, and while I'm certainly no ranch hand I'm never one to stray away from home cooking and sitting around a camp fire drinking beer. The picture shown is of the Phantom Canyon Ranch and is painted by Carl Judson.

On Saturday I woke up early and headed to Rocky Mountain National Park. I was immediately overtaken by the magnificent scenery on the way to the park. After several hikes and diversions, I made it to the park around noon. The day was flying by, I spent about three hours in the park highlighted by a moose sighting and a herd of elk three miles above sea level.

After seeing just a fraction of the park I broke out my Guerrilla box and began painting. I found a roaring stream with the mountains in the background, I sat down to a picnic table and started my plein aire painting.

Check back later to read my blog entry on Plein Aire Painting.

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  1. Hi Micah, thanks for the links! We'll look forward to seeing your plain air painting.


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