Friday, August 20, 2010


In the next few months I plan on painting more cityscapes. I find these to be more challenging - Nature scenes lend themselves to more abstraction as there are no "true" lines or manufactured shapes. In landscape paintings if I try to make a straight line and fail, chances are the line in nature was not really straight anyway. Sides of buildings, curbs and other man made structures offer less margin of error. The painting shown was done about eighteen months ago - It is a broad depiction of downtown Raleigh. Lots of different painting techniques were used for this. Initially I was not really fond of this, but several people have remarked this as being one of my best. Perhaps I am my own worst critic.

All comments welcome.

Downtown Raleigh #1 - 30x30" Acrylic on Canvas


  1. Micah, I really like this painting. I think this is an exciting direction for you to take, for at least a while. I believe it is, most times, best to take the "more challenging" path! Look forward to seeing the new work. Good luck. Tom


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