Thursday, December 3, 2009

Fluid Acrylics and Glazing Medium for Pouring Painting

A. Create a surface that has defined walls that are at least 1/8” high.  In this example I used paint and impasto medium to create a rock wall.  These walls will confine the liquid mixture when poured onto the canvas.

B. Mix a few colors of fluid acrylic paint and glazing medium.  I mix about 20% paint to 80% glazing medium.  Mix thoroughly – when complete the mixture will be the color of the paint.

C. Pour the first color onto the intended area of the surface

D, E and F. Pour the other colors onto the mixture

 G. Begin to rotate the canvas at slight angles so the liquid mixture will occupy the entire area – the wall will confine the mixture from flowing over into non-intended areas or off the canvas

 H. As with any technique experimentation is the key. Here with the left over mixtures I poured contrasting colors onto one another.  When dry the paint and glazing  medium will have little color shift form wet to dry and will remain shimmering for an interesting effect.  

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