Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finishing a Painting – How long should the painting process take?

A question I am often asked is – “How long did it take you to do that?” Unlike most other questions about a painting this is one I always have an answer for. I am a firm believer in the power of time – never too much, never too little. I have painted enough varying sizes of canvases to know how long I should be painting. I always keep notes as too how long I have painted – if the painting process of a 16x20” takes 5 hours less than a 16x20” painting I finished last year, I know I did something wrong. Sure the more I paint the more seasoned I become at different techniques, but does that mean I can accept mediocrity and stop learning and improving my art. Of course not – I am a firm believer that persistence and hard work hold suit over talent and training.

I have to keep working, not to arrive at finish, which arouses the admiration of fools... I must seek completion only for the pleasure of being truer and more knowing.

Paul Cezanne

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