Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Focusing on One Art Form at a Time

Often times the lines are blurred as to what constitutes “Art”. Art is part of our lives everyday – whether it be the elevator music in the dentist’s office or the inspiring collages and paintings my children bring home from school – there is no doubt art is everywhere. To consider myself the best artist I can be at any type of art means I have to focus on one thing at a time. I never thought cooking to be an art until I tried to split time between doing both. The end result . . . dinner was bad and so was the painting.

I spend many hours in front of the easel – during this time I listen to a lot of music. It really is amazing the profound effect background sounds have on my paintings. The few times I have listened to sports radio or NPR while painting have always yielded poor results. While painting I have listened to everything from opera to heavy metal. It seems I am most successful when I listen to top 40 pop music. The irony of this is when given a choice of music to listen to, I consider most of these songs mind numbing and if not painting would probably listen to anything else.

I guess trial and error will keep my mind focused on the art form that is important to me at a particular moment in time.

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