Sunday, February 14, 2010

Pocosin Lakes - Step 1

After doing several smaller paintings, I am back on track and painting a larger (30x40") canvas. Over the next week or two my blog entries will reflect some of the different stages involved in making this painting.

The subject I have chosen is Pocasin Lakes Wildlife Refuge in Columbia, North Carolina. I visited the area in early October, so there are some interesting reds and autumn colors reflected in the photograph. I like this picture because it includes sky, land and water. As I start to paint these areas each will reflect a different painting style.

As with all my paintings, I begin by doing a pencil sketch of the photograph. I rarely refer to this sketch during the painting process, but I find it helps me think of the image in more abstract forms and the additional study time that I spend focused on the image helps churn more ideas.

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