Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pocosin Lakes - Step 3

The water elements of this work will probably be the most visible when the painting is finished. There are three components to this water. 1. the water is shaded by the wooded ares 2. the water that is unshaded and 3. the water shaded by the big tree.

I begin by using heavy body Acrylics consisting of Carbon Black, Hookers Green, Paynes Grey, Midnight Blue and Australian Sap Green. Titanium White is used to create different shades of all these colors. Covering components 1 and 3, I concentrate on darker shades - with the unshaded area several grays and light blues are used. I now use Acryl Gouache in varying shades of greens, blues and white to create detail an water ripples.

When covered I move onto applying two glazes over the entire area. For component 1, I use a dark glaze of Hookers Green and a little Carbon Black. The remaining area is covered with glaze of midnight blue. This glaze makes the water ripples look like an under painting and gives an effect of movement.

To create the water ripples on top of the water, I use a glaze mixture of white and Sap Green. This is applied through detail applicator bottles to give the further effect of water movement.


  1. Hey Micah, love the step by step. You have such a unique way of working it really gives some insight.


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